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Website Restyle

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Website Restyle

Have you already a website but its design is old and you don't like it anymore?
Can't you see your website in the correct way through the Tablet and the Smartphone?
CommunicAnimation offers you the possibility to update your website graphics keeping intact its contents and the structure of the pages.

The time at disposal to impress on the web where the law of the velocity is in force is not much and the graphic impact and the surfing of a site can make the difference.

The graphic updating of a website permits to renew your digital image keeping up with the times even in the smallest but not negligible details also being able this way to connect your pages with the social networks, real engines of the online pass the word on.

Website Restyle Offer

The offer consists in the creation of two new possible graphic structures and you'll be invited to choose one between them. The chosen one will be applied to your site keeping intact the contents and the devision of the pages.
The new pages will be created expoiting the recent web technologies such as, for example, HTML5 and CSS3, optimizing them for the vision on Tablets, Smart Phones and any other mobile device, integrating the links to your social pages

The offer is applicable to the website of 7 pages maximum with no-dynamic character.

offerte restyle sito web

restyle sito web

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