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Commercial and Promotional Video

An idea for make you unique

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CommunicAnimation specializes in realizing professional advertising for Television, Web and Social Networks
Nowadays advertising becomes a necessary instrument to excel at your job and to increase the number of customers. It's necessary to optimize every detail of the spot.

After a first interview, our team will work out some solutions for your every need and suggest new proposals in order to help you reach your goals.
Wel'll realize the study on your communication campaign in complete indipendence, producing spots for different kinds of budget.
According to the typology of the product and of the target, the spot can be produced with the help of various graphic techniques, animations and shots.

Show us your idea, we'll develop your project together finding the right solutions to keep costs low and in the meantime make your spot unequalled and irresistible!

Promotional Video

Thank to videos, people can communicate and promote quickly a service or some products through the use of sounds and music, laying emphasis on the emotional aspects of the message

A new instrument, which is more and more innovative and remarkable, is the promotional video able to establish an immediate connection with the Target we refer to through the unlimited possibilities the web nowadays offers us
Realizing a series of efficacious videos it's possible for everyone, through channels like youtube, vimeo or your same site, to be easily found and “shared” on the most important social networks.
Reproducing data and information with the help of an animated graphics (infographic) it's possible to share and divulge the message both for commercial and social purposes.

This is a quality other media aren't able to offer. Our studio intends to help the small and medium enterprises develop their communication in a direct and original way using new techniques able to promote activities in style and with innovation.

We work all over the World!
We can deliver the finished work digitally via email or fisically by mail. For information compile the form below or contact us in every other way!


Commercial DV One Cruise - Versace


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