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Corporate Identity

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Graphic Design

Corporate Identity

The Corporate Identity consists in ideating exterior business or product logos and it includes both the name and its visual image (the so called coordinated image).
The individuation of a logo becomes crucial as an instrument of identification in front of potential customers/consumers and it represents what makes a distinction between a brand and its competitors.

The Naming is a fundamental phase which comes before the creation of the advertising materials, the business cards and even before the creation of your site. The name and the logo are the distinctive signs of a business or of a firm. That's the reason why the Naming Phase is one of the most delicate communication strategies and for its realization it's crucial to rely on a team of professional people.
In fact, it's necessary to ponder different elements such as, for example, the market where you choose to operate on, the competitors' identity and the characteristics of the target you adress to.

Besides these rules, the Naming Ideation surely requires an important quality: the creativity.
CommunicAnimation offers its competence at your service and at the service of your business in order to ideate your name, to create or update your brand and your logo, transforming an idea into your professional symbol.

We'll choose with you the style and the colour most suitable for your identity, we'll submit you different proposals and eventually we'll follow your advice to define the “graphic sign” you prefer and to make it more incisive.

Your logo will be also arranged for the business cards, the headed paper and everything you need to make your activity “unique” through the ideation of an incisive coordinated image.

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