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The illustration, nowadays more and more used both for printing and the web, is one of the most simple and direct instrument to communicate a message and promote a product, just let's think of all the reviews, newspapers, billboards, websites which use it.

Advertising Illustration
Illustration has recently come back into fashion in the advertising industry so that it's often preferred to photography. What illustration offers is a great freedom of expression and a language most people understand. There are different styles and numerous techniques which could suit a product or a kind of activity.

Editorial Illustration
A good illustration can describe the concepts expressed in the book or to cover the contents with an image more suitable for the target the product is adressed to. The choise of the images often becomes crucial.

Children's Illustration
The drawings, which are easily comprehensible, accompany the development of children's imaginary through more or less elaborated images and colours. Nowadays the children's illustration has evolved becoming an integral part of numerous initiatives dedicated to them.

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