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The storyboard The storyboard is a very useful instrument to draw up a plan of work, wheter it is a spot or a music video or a short video or an event.
This technique lies in representing, through a sequence of images, the different scenes which form the scenario or the various phases of the working process.

The storyboard reveals itself to be a necessary instrument to disclose the comprehension of the final result even before its realization.
When the creation of a spot is required, the time at disposal is very often limited and it's necessary to define to the highest degree the sequence of images so that the customer can already have in mind the global perspective of the spot and can express his doubts giving his tips.

When a cinematographic or a music video is required, the storyboard helps the operators during the working as it allows to preview the different shots, the stage times and the various effects which will form the scenario.

When the realization of an event is required, the storyboard helps to define the space where the event will take place, providing the global and complete perspective of the emplacement even before its concrete realization in its different phases and versions.

Our studio offers its complete services for this pre-production phase, helping you illustrate what is necessary for you. Don't hesitate to contact us and we'll realize very quickly the storyboard of your work.

We work all over the World!
We can deliver the finished work digitally via email or fisically by mail. For information compile the form below or contact us in every other way!


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