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The direct and effective audiovisual communication always represents an immediate instrument of demonstration as it illustrates shortly and efficaciously the activities of a firm, transmitting quickly the message
The video, as a medium, avails itself of various techniques in order to realize products well adapted to the different media such as television, web and film, keeping itself like one of the most advanced languages always evolving

Our studio offers its competence for the creation of Advertising Spots, Promotional Videos, Graphic Animations and Videos adapted to all media and platforms, assuring this way an excellent visibility thanks to the new web communication channels like the Social Networks, but also the classic television, which guarantee a very good visibility and the “viral” sharing of the message.

Wel'll realize the study on your communication campaign in complete indipendence, producing spots for different kinds of budget.
According to the typology of the product and of the target, the spot can be produced with the help of various graphic techniques, animations and shots.

Promotional Video
A new instrument, which is more and more innovative and remarkable, is the promotional video able to establish an immediate connection with the Target we refer to through the unlimited possibilities the web nowadays offers us.
Realizing a series of efficacious videos it's possible for everyone, through channels like youtube, vimeo or your same site, to be easily found and “shared” on the most important social networks.

Post-Production Video
The post-production is the phase which completes the realization of a television or cinamatographic product.
To the success of a product it's necessary to optimize this stage of the processing to the highest degree in order to solve every problem and make the final version of your video perfect.

In the advertising industry animation is always used to make products charming and to promote them in a more dynamic way.
Nowadays, especially the simple animations created by animated gifs and text are used, but in some cases the Cartoon itself can become the most efficacious instrument to promote the product.

The storyboard is a very useful instrument to draw up a plan of work, wheter it is a spot or a music video or a short video or an event. This technique lies in representing, through a sequence of images, the different scenes which form the scenario or the various phases of the working process.

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